Our Story

Like many great ideas, Brink was conceived over many dinners and bottles of wine. As friends we’d regularly talk shop, for us that was all things tech, transformation, impact, policy and innovation.

We realised we kept seeing potentially brilliant work fall down for the same reason: despite having a decent handle on innovation method (like the importance of human-centred design and Lean Startup) organisations typically lacked enabling systems and innovation mindsets.

This insight led us to ask: what would it would look like if an innovation coach (that's Lea) and business psychologist (Abigail) set up a practice that combined method, systems and mindset to help clients achieve enduring innovation? Brink is the answer to that question.

We'd love to meet people who've seen the same thing and are curious about what we're doing differently. The conversation hasn’t stopped, but now you’re invited too.


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Organisational psychologist, startup founder, retail futurist, citizen action, academic, runner, synthesiser.


Optimist, facilitator, frontier tech, humanitarian and developing contexts, strategist, global citizen, nerd.