How might frontier technologies like drones and alternate connectivity tackle some of the biggest challenges in development? What’s the venture or entity that would better link researchers with employers to improve health outcomes for employees? How might we improve the lives of the most marginalised using rigorous evidence and innovation to explore whether technology can improve education outcomes around the world?

These are just some of the questions we’re exploring in our work, and we’re seeking talented and driven Innovation Managers to join us and help tackle big challenges that matter.

At Brink we create a vision of the future world we’d like to see, then use a blend of innovation methods to design and run experiments in the real world, gathering evidence of what works to validate or disprove our thinking.

We are building a team with a range of innovation methods and skills to draw from. We’re particularly interested in people with experience in any of service design, human-centred design, corporate venturing, behavioural insights, lean, agile and/or adaptive management. Regardless of your background, if you’re a hybrid thinker, who has proven innovation management skills and experience in one or more of those areas, and wants to put them to use making meaningful impact in the world, we’d love to hear from you.

Ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate: 

1. Curiosity on behalf of the team and the problem: acting in service of the team and the problem at hand

  • Natural facilitator, with the confidence to help teams tease apart their facts, opinions and guesses. You find smart, incremental ways to validate their key assumptions. You enjoy enabling innovation in others

  • Understanding that innovation is about managing uncertainty and risk accountably, measurably and as such you are able to hold project teams to account - while always being on their side

  • Curious about the latest trends in technology and innovation, and how these may impact emerging markets

  • T-shaped skillset, you know innovation methodologies like HCD or Lean Startup but you’re no purist and believe in blending the right tools for the circumstance

2. Communication and influence

  • An effective communicator, able to relay messages clearly and influence across different organisational and geographical contexts

  • Able to act strategically, entrepreneurially on behalf of the project teams, making connections and joining useful dots for them. You retain this a strategic mindset even when faced with numerous and constantly shifting priorities

3. Global outlook and experience

  • Enjoys travelling and working with others in different contexts, from global governments to grassroots innovators in developing countries

  • Has lived and worked abroad or is well-travelled, able to understand international contexts and cultural sensitivities that’ll be a part of this work

4.   Interpersonal skills (being a ‘Brinkster’):

  • Growth mindset, keen and eager to experiment and learn, comfortable with not knowing all the answers yet, and happy to let stuff go when it doesn’t quite hit the mark

  • Is ‘interoperable’, quickly establishes rapport with all kinds of people

  • Enjoys ‘making others shine', Brink is a low-ego zone that thrives on making our colleagues, clients and collaborators shine 

If you’re interested in applying, please submit a CV with covering letter outlining why you’re interested, what you’d bring to this role and your salary expectations. Please also confirm you are eligible to work in the UK.

Send everything to with the email subject: I’d like to be your Innovation Manager

We are assessing applications as they come in so we’ll get back to you to confirm we’ve received your application and let you know next steps.

Questions candidates often ask us:

How many years of experience does the Innovation Manager need to have? 

We are looking for a range of people and expect applicants will have a broad variety of backgrounds and length of experience. As a general rule, we hold ‘number of years’ much more loosely than valuable experience, skills, capabilities and passion for the work.

Does the Innovation Manager need to have international development experience?

While development experience is desirable, at Brink we also believe in the power of ‘not knowing how things are done around here’ and welcome candidates who would like to apply proven innovation management expertise to a new challenge.

Where is this role based?

This role is London-based with regular travel to meet with innovators, collaborators or clients in international locations across Europe, Africa, Asia or North America.